Special Cables

  • 0361-TQ Single Core Welding Cable

    The 0361TQ welding cable, also known as HOFR cable, is double-insulated and flame retardant, meeting rigorous industry standards. Its durable construction, including an outer sheath designed to withstand oils, greases, heat, and hot particles, makes it ideal for connecting electric welding machines to welding guns. Suitable for both automatic and manual welding, this high-quality cable is widely used in industries such as manufacturing, assembly lines, and car repairs.

  • H1Z2Z2-K Solar Cable

    These single core flexible cables are designed for solar applications, offering versatility for permanent outdoor and indoor use, free movable installations, and fixed setups. They are suitable for installation in conduits, trunking, plaster, and appliances. Additionally, meeting the updated European standard (H1Z2Z2-K) for solar cables, they are ideal for interconnecting photovoltaic systems like solar panel arrays. Impact tested and suitable for direct burial, these cables are engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions and potential fire risks, ensuring safety and reliability in solar energy installations.

  • Hi Flex PVC Welding Cable

    Easy to use inside visible or embedded piping. Direct burial installation or outdoors in wet environments as well as contact with hot parts is not allowed. It must not be subject to thermic radiation.

  • SIHF Multicore Silicone Cable

    Silicone insulated and sheathed multicore cables provide excellent flexibility for electrical engineers and specifiers, making them ideal for high or low temperature applications ranging from -50°C to +180°C. These cables are especially suitable for industries where extreme temperature variations can cause traditional insulation to become brittle. Additionally, they produce minimal smoke or fumes when exposed to fire, making them a safe choice across various industrial sectors such as foundries, ship and aircraft construction, bakery machinery, and solariums.

  • WRAS Approved EPDM Drinking Water Cable

    These WRAS approved cables are designed for submersible pump operation in drinking water and various water environments. Featuring a non-toxic, non-leaching cross-linked rubber jacket, they prevent microbial growth and maintain water quality. Suitable for permanent immersion, they are ideal for fishponds, swimming pools, and food manufacturing. With WRAS approval, they ensure water safety and integrity, offering reliability in water treatment operations.

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