Batt Cables and McAuliffe Site Services Ltd Join Forces to Power London’s Urban

London’s skyline is continually evolving, with construction projects shaping the city's future landscape. Among the bustling developments, several key projects stand out, not only for their scale but also for their transformative impact on communities. Behind the scenes of these ambitious endeavors are companies like Batt Cables and McAuliffe Site Services Ltd, whose collaboration is pivotal in bringing these visions to life.


Tottenham Hale Development: Enhancing Community Life

At the heart of Tottenham Hale's urban rejuvenation lies a visionary project, promising a vibrant mix of residential, commercial, and leisure spaces. Batt Cables, in partnership with McAuliffe Site Services Ltd, is supplying crucial cables to power this ambitious transformation. We supplied SWA LSZH multi cores - BS6724, ensuring safety and reliability in this bustling urban hub. With over 1,000 new homes, cinemas, restaurants, local business spaces, and a health center, this development is not merely about infrastructure but enriching community life.

Brent Cross Cricklewood: Redefining Urban Living

Spanning 50 acres, the Brent Cross Cricklewood development aims to redefine urban living in London. This expansive project, facilitated by Batt Cables and McAuliffe Site Services Ltd, encompasses 6,700 homes, workplaces for 25,000 individuals, and modern retail spaces. The emphasis on greenery with 50 acres of parks and recreational facilities underscores the commitment to sustainable and holistic urban planning.

Beaufort Park in Hendon: A Modern Neighborhood Oasis

Beaufort Park epitomizes modern urban living, and Batt Cables, alongside McAuliffe Site Services Ltd, plays a crucial role in its development. This 25-acre landmark project in Colindale offers 3,200 apartments, surrounded by beautifully landscaped parkland. Beyond housing, amenities like eateries, supermarkets, and fitness facilities create a self-sustaining community, with excellent transport links further enhancing accessibility.

Berkley Homes Plumstead: Transforming Historic Spaces

Transforming the historic home of Arsenal FC into a vibrant community, Berkley Homes Plumstead is a testament to innovative redevelopment. Batt Cables and McAuliffe Site Services Ltd contribute to this project, which boasts a biodiverse park, stylish living options, and ample outdoor recreational spaces. This redevelopment not only revitalizes the area but also celebrates its rich heritage.

Liverpool Street Project: A Hub of Commerce and Culture

Designed by Eric Parry Architects, the Liverpool Street Project is set to become a hub of commerce and culture in the heart of London. Batt Cables, in collaboration with McAuliffe Site Services Ltd, supports the construction of substantial office and retail spaces, further enhancing the city's economic vibrancy.

Deanston Wharf Project: Redefining Newham’s Landscape

In Newham, the Deanston Wharf Project is redefining the landscape with a high-density residential-led neighborhood. Working alongside Ballymore, McAuliffe Site Services Ltd contributes temporary site solutions to support the construction of new homes and commercial spaces. This project reflects a commitment to sustainable urban development and community-centric design.


The partnership between Batt Cables and McAuliffe Site Services Ltd underscores their commitment to powering London's urban revival. Through their contributions to transformative projects like Tottenham Hale Development, Brent Cross Cricklewood, Beaufort Park, Berkley Homes Plumstead, Liverpool Street Project, and Deanston Wharf Project, they not only supply essential infrastructure but also enrich communities and redefine the cityscape. As London continues to evolve, these collaborations remain integral to shaping its future as a dynamic and sustainable city. 


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