RISQS Registration at Batt Cables

Batt Cables proudly holds registration under the Rail Industry Supplier Qualifications & Registration Scheme (RISQS), commonly known as Link-Up. This accreditation underscores our commitment to providing quality products and services to the rail industry.

Registered Product Groups:

  • LAN & WAN Equipment & Services: Our offerings encompass essential networking equipment and services vital for maintaining seamless connectivity within the rail network.
  • Signalling Cable & Wire: We provide reliable cables and wires tailored to meet the rigorous demands of signalling systems, ensuring safety and operational efficiency.
  • Electrification: Batt Cables offers a range of electrification solutions, including overhead lines and power distribution cables, essential for powering the railways.
  • Telecommunications: Our telecoms solutions facilitate efficient communication across the rail network, supporting voice, data, and video transmissions.

Railtrack Approved Cables:

If you require Railtrack approved cables for power and signalling applications, please reach out to your local Batt Cables office for assistance.


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