Tata Steel Hoogovens Refit

Project Overview:

In March 2023, Batt Cables undertook a significant project for Tata Steel involving the refit of the Hoogovens facility. The project, valued at 553,000 euros, took place at Tata Steel's Ijmuiden location.

Scope of Work:

The scope of work included the supply of YMVk-AS and BS5467/BS6724 cables, ensuring a robust and reliable electrical infrastructure for the Hoogovens facility. This comprehensive refit aimed to enhance operational efficiency and ensure the seamless functioning of Tata Steel's critical operations.


While the specific details of the challenges faced during the project are pending, the complex nature of working within an industrial setting such as Tata Steel's Ijmuiden location undoubtedly presented unique obstacles. Batt Cables, known for its expertise in handling intricate projects, collaborated closely with Tata Steel to overcome any challenges that arose during the course of the refit.

Cable Specifications:

Batt Cables utilized YMVk-AS and BS5467/BS6724 cables, showcasing a commitment to industry standards and ensuring the longevity and reliability of the electrical installations.

Client Collaboration:

Batt Cables has maintained open lines of communication with Tata Steel throughout the project, ensuring a collaborative and client-focused approach.


The Tata Steel Hoogovens Refit stands as a testament to Batt Cables' capabilities in executing complex industrial projects. The successful completion of this venture underscores our commitment to quality, precision, and client satisfaction.

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