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Where it all began

Batt Electrical was originally founded in 1946 by J .A. Holm and L. Elmquist who traded primarily in exporting electrical products to Scandinavia, India and Africa under the name of City and 
Continental Trading Company based in London's East End 
Dockland. Coincidentally these first premises were based from Hoopers Telegraph Works -cable makers.


Under the management of the founders and the Works Manager -H.C. Clifford -the company continued to expand export sales comprising electrical cable and equipment.
During 1949 J.A. Holm, L. Elmquist and H.C. Clifford were joined by R.F. Batt with a view to expanding into the home market taking advantage of Mr. Batt's already considerable reputation as a Sales Manager in the electrical wholesaling field. As a result of successful and rapid growth at home it was decided in 1952 that a new 
company be formed comprising the three partners and the name Batt Electrical Company was chosen. Such was the success of the new partnership that turnover in 1952 soared to 28,000. 

From this point the company expanded in the general electrical wholesaling of electrical fittings, switchgear and cable although cable was always the prime source of business. In 1961 the management team were joined by J.P. Griffin who became Sales Manager. By 1967 the company had moved into larger purpose built premises situated in the south side of Millwall Dock, E14 which centralised all company functions within one location which greatly improved communication between the sales and warehouse. 

This situation continued into the early seventies at which point it was decided to drop the electrical goods wholesaling business and concentrate almost entirely on the cable market which was expanding both in demand and technology. As a result of many years dedication to reliable and economic service Batt Electrical Company now holds the largest stock of general and special  electrical cable in the UK ranging from Aircraft wires and Fibre Optic cables to 36,000V power cable, from Mines and Quarries trailing flexibles to Electronic Data cables. 

Due to Batt Electical's considerable trading success during the seventies the company moved to new premises in Erith, Kent in 1983 which contains warehousing covering some 160,000 square feet. 
The stock was held within two warehouse locations -Erith (Head Office) and Manchester - serving the Regional Sales Offices all of whom are linked by probably the most sophisticated and flexible computerised sales system in the UK. With the aid of this electronic sales system combined with the fastest and most flexible cable storage and production facilities Batt Electrical will continue to strive to provide an ever improving customer service . 


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