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UL Style 1015 Single Core PVC Wire

UL Style 1015 Single Core PVC Wire

Conductor: Stranded Tinned Copper

Insulation: PVC (1/32")

Standards: UL 1015 and CSA TR-64

                   RoHS compliant according to guideline 2002/95/EC

Application: Used as internal wiring for appliances, electrical and electronic equipment.

Technical Information

Batt Part No. Core Size Colour/Reference Quote
34361 1 0.88sqmm (18AWG) Black Get Quote
34362 1 0.88sqmm (18AWG) Red Get Quote
34363 1 0.88sqmm (18AWG) Green/Yellow Get Quote
34352 1 1.38sqmm (16AWG) Black Get Quote
34356 1 1.38sqmm (16AWG) Orange Get Quote
34353 1 1.38sqmm (16AWG) Blue Get Quote
34355 1 1.38sqmm (16AWG) White Get Quote
34354 1 1.38sqmm (16AWG) Green/Yellow Get Quote
34364 1 2.10sqmm (14AWG) Black Get Quote
34365 1 2.10sqmm (14AWG) Red Get Quote
34366 1 2.10sqmm (14AWG) Green/Yellow Get Quote
34367 1 3.35sqmm (12AWG) Black Get Quote
34368 1 3.35sqmm (12AWG) Red Get Quote
34369 1 3.35sqmm (12AWG) Green/Yellow Get Quote
34370 1 5.24sqmm (10AWG) Black Get Quote
34371 1 5.24sqmm (10AWG) Red Get Quote
34372 1 5.24sqmm (10AWG) Greeen/Yellow Get Quote
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