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RE-2X(St)YSWAY-PiMF IAM/CAM/SWA/PVC Instrumentatio

RE-2X(St)YSWAY-PiMF IAM/CAM/SWA/PVC Instrumentatio

Applications:RE2XSTYSWAY- PIMF instrumentation cable to EN50288-7, suitable for instrumentation, control and communications applications. Suitable for direct burial.

Conductors:Class 2 copper conductors plus comms core, 1.5sqmm pairs & triples

Insulation:XLPE to EN50290-2-29

Pair identification:Black & white numbered

Triple identification:Black, white and red numbered

Screen:CAM (Collective aluminium mylar) including drain wire, IAM (Individual aluminium mylar)


Sheath/Jacket:PVC (Polyvinyl-Chloride) RP

Armour:SWA (Steel wire armour)



Insulation thickness:0.44mm

Tinned copper drain wire: 0.6sqmm individual screen, 0.5sqmm collective screen

Sheath thickness:
2 pair 1.5mm, 4 pair 1.6mm, 8 pair 1.8mm, 12pair 2.0mm, 24 pair 2.3mm
2 triple 1.5mm, 4 triple 1.6mm, 8 triple 2.00mm, 12 pair 2.3mm

Armour wire diameter:
2 pair 0.9mm, 4-8 pair 1.25mm, 12 pair 1.6mm, 24 pair 2.0mm
2-8 triple 1.25mm, 12 triple 1.6mm

Bedding thickness:
2-12 pair 1.00mm, 24 pair 1.2mm
2-8 triple 1.00mm, 12 triple 1.2mm

Installation temperature range:-5 to +70 °C

Operation temperature range-40 to +70 °C

Core temperature:+90 °C

RE Instrumentation
2X XLPE insulation
2Y PE insulation
Y PVC insulation
Y PVC sheath
SWA Steel wire armour
Y PVC sheath

Standards: EN50288-7:2005 Multi-element metallic cables used in analogue and digital communication and control. Part 7 - sectional specification for instrumentation and control cables. Flame retardant to IEC60332-3, Oil resistant to ICEA S-82-552, UV resistant to UL 1581. This cable type is suitable for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 only when installed with the correct ATEX Approved Accessories/Equipment

Technical Information

Batt Part No. Core Size Colour/Reference Quote
85982 2 pair 1.5sqmm Black Get Quote
85983 4 pair 1.5sqmm Black Get Quote
85984 8 pair 1.5sqmm Black Get Quote
85985 12 pair 1.5sqmm Black Get Quote
85986 24 pair 1.5sqmm Black Get Quote
85979 2 triple 1.5sqmm Black Get Quote
85980 4 triple 1.5sqmm Black Get Quote
85981 8 triple 1.5sqmm Black Get Quote
85978 12 triple 1.5sqmm Black Get Quote
86652 Get Quote
86435 Get Quote
86653 Get Quote
86654 Get Quote
86436 Get Quote
86657 Get Quote
86441 Get Quote
86658 Get Quote
86437 Get Quote
86630 Get Quote
86682 Get Quote
86863 Get Quote
86661 Get Quote
86439 Get Quote
86662 Get Quote
86414 Get Quote
86438 Get Quote
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