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Guardian Ali-Tube/LSZH Cable BS8436

Guardian Ali-Tube/LSZH Cable BS8436
Plain annealed stranded copper conductor to BS6360/XLPE insulation to BS6889 / aluminium screen tube, applies longitudinally. CPC tinned annealed stranded copper to BS6360. LSZH sheath to BS EN 50267-2-1:1999 and
BS EN 61034:2005.

Applications: Power circuits, lighting, air-conditioning, call systems, data networks, signage supplies, computerised checkouts.

Voltage Rating: 300/500v

Operating temperature: -20 to +90°C

Temperature rating: Maximum conductor temperature 90°C

Min. bending radius: 9 x overall diameter

Flame retardant: BSEN 60332-1, IEC 60332-1

Smoke emission: BSEN 61034, IEC 61034-2

Acid gas emission BSEN 50267-1-2, IEC60754-1

Walls and partitions BS8436

Core colours: 2 core: brown and blue
3 core: brown, black and grey
4 core: brown, grey, blue and black

Sheath colour: White or black

Batt Part No. Core Size Colour/Reference Quote
12022 2 1.5sqmm (7/0.53mm) White Get Quote
12033 2 1.5sqmm (7/0.53mm) Black Get Quote
12023 2 2.5sqmm (7/0.67mm) White Get Quote
12034 2 2.5sqmm (7/0.67mm) Black Get Quote
12042 2 4.0sqmm (7/1.04mm) Black Get Quote
12024 2 4.0sqmm (7/0.85mm) White Get Quote
12038 2 6.0sqmm White Get Quote
12025 3 1.5sqmm (7/0.53mm) White Get Quote
12035 3 1.5sqmm (7/0.53mm) Black Get Quote
12026 3 2.5sqmm (7/0.67mm) White Get Quote
12036 3 2.5sqmm (7/0.67mm) Black Get Quote
12027 3 4.0sqmm (7/1.04mm) White Get Quote
12040 3 6.0sqmm White Get Quote
12049 3 6.0sqmm Black Get Quote
12028 4 1.5sqmm (7/0.53mm) White Get Quote
12031 4 1.5sqmm (7.0.53mm) Black Get Quote
12029 4 2.5sqmm (7/0.67mm) White Get Quote
12032 4 2.5sqmm (7/0/67mm) Black Get Quote
12051 4 4.0sqmm Black Get Quote
12030 4 4.0sqmm (7/0.85mm) White Get Quote
12056 3 6sqmm Black Get Quote
12051 4 4 Black Get Quote
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