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CT Television Relay Coax

CT Television Relay Coax

Conductors: stranded annealed copper

Insulation: cellular polyetheylene

Tape: copper

Braid: plain copper wire braid

Sheath: PVC, black  Also available LSZH and RBS sheath

Applications: TV & CCTV systems

CT75 Cable

CT100 Cable

CT100LSZH Cable


CT125 Cable

CT125LSZH Cable

CT125RBS Cable

CT167LSZH Cable

CT167 Cable

CT167RBS Cable

CT233LSZH Cable


Batt Part No. Core Size Colour/Reference Quote
49104 CT75 0.44sqmm Black Get Quote
49033 CT100 1/1.0mm Black Get Quote
49155 CT100 1/1.0mm White Get Quote
49167 CT100LSZH 1/1.0mm Black Get Quote
49203 CTF 100 1/1.00mm Get Quote
49001 CT125 1/1.25mm Black Get Quote
49172 CT125LSZH 1/1.25mm Black Get Quote
49030 CT125RBS 1/1.25mm Black Get Quote
49173 CT167 1/1.67mm Black Get Quote
49110 CT167LSZH 1/1.67mm Black Get Quote
49161 CT167RBS 1/1.67mm Green Get Quote
49085 CT233LSZH 1/2.33mm Black Get Quote
49050 CT 100 LSZ 1/1.00mm Black Get Quote
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