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Lowering CO2

At BATT CABLES plc we take our responsibilities towards reducing our impact on the environment seriously, and are actively working to improve.

Our IT department have been monitoring the amount of energy consumed globally, and have already dramatically reduced these levels.

Each server which works around the clock is responsible for about two tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum.  Through virtualisation, we have reduced the number of physical servers by 75%, with a net reduction in overall power consumption of 40%.

Processing workloads have also been moved from the desktop to the server-room, enabling us to reduce power consumption across the business, and move it to a controlled and efficient location.  This also enables remote working, anywhere in the world, reducing the need for travel.

Low power consumption is now a key factor in the selection of our desktop machines, and we now take care to purchase consumable IT Products with as few moving parts as possible.  In addition, it is now our policy for desktop machines to be automatically switched off when they are no longer in use, which amounts to nearly two-thirds of the day.

As you can imagine, these adjustments will help to significantly reduce our carbon footprint. We intend to continue to improve by evaluating and adopting as many energy-saving strategies as possible.  


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