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American Bureau of Shipping Type Approvals

The following marine cables, ship cables and cable glands all have American Bureau of Shipping Type approval:

BFOU Power Cable Fire Resistant 600/1000V NEK 606

RFOU Power Cable Fire Retardant 600/1000V NEK 606

BFOU (c) Instrumentation Cable, 250V, ZH, mud resistant

RFOU (c) Instrumentation Cable, 250V, ZH, mud resistant

BFOU (i) Instrumentation Cable, 250V mud resistant

RFOU (i) Instrumentation Cable 150/250V, mud resis

XI Cable Unarmoured 600/1000V

TXXI Cable Unarmoured 600/1000V

XAI Cable Armoured 600/1000V

TFOI Cable Armoured 600/1000V

XAI(C) Cable Armoured 250V

TFOI (C) Cable Armoured 250V

XI 331 Cable Unarmoured 600/1000V

SXXI Cable Unarmoured 600/1000V

XAI 331 Cable Armoured 600/1000V

SFOI Cable Armoured 600/1000V

XAI (C) 331 Cable Screened & Armoured 250V

SFOI (C) Cable Armoured 250V

XLPE Marine Cable

XLPE Marine Flex Cable

A2 Brass Gland

A2F Brass Flameproof Gland

A2P - Nylon type for Unarmoured Cable

BW - Brass indoor cable gland

BW SOLO - Brass LSZH indoor cable gland

C2K - Deluge/Increased safety cable gland

CW - Brass indoor/outdoor cable gland

CW SOLO - Brass LSZH indoor/outdoor cable gland

E1FW - Brass Flameproof/ Increased safety

E1FX - Brass Flameproof/ Increased safety braided

E1W - Brass indoor/outdoor cable gland

E1X - Brass indoor/outdoor braided cable gland

E2FW - Brass Flameproof/Increased safety lead

Protex XR - Brass flameproof barrier braid gland

Triton - Brass type for Braided cables

CWA - Aluminium indoor/outdoor type for AWA cables

E1FW AL - Flameproof/Increased safety gland

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